Pauline Thomas Awarded 3rd prize at the Sfer Art Exhibition in Turin

Pauline Thomas Awarded 3rd Prize at the International Art Exhibition “Sfer Art” in Turin October 2014

I was honoured last month to be invited by Armando Farina to exhibit in Turin as part of the Sfer Art Exhibition. I am delighted this week to have received confirmation from Armando that I have received third prize of the
section art to free theme. Works on exhibition are now for sale as part of the “New Genius” Investment portfolio which can be viewed at the link below.

I have been honoured and privileged to work with Armando Farina over the past few years and also awarded “The Diploma of Academician Member of The International Academy Santarita, from Armando Farina, for artistic merit earlier this year. Initially exhibiting in 2007 at the International Art Exhibition “Art A Bridge Between Cultures and Differences”, Anitchi Chiostri 25 Turin and more recently at the following exhibitions.
2014 Giallo Rosso Blu, Sala Mostre Circoscrizione, Turin, Italy
2013 Science Museum of Freidano, Settimo, Italy
2013 Arte: Ponte tra culture e difference, Torino
2013 Expo 2013, Torino
2013 Grande expo internazionale nel parco, Torino
2013 Grandi maestri internazionali della grafica, Torino

Armando is one of the elite contemporary forward thinking artists of his time, often copied but never bettered. Many thanks Armando for taking such interest in my work over the past few years.

Armando painted with Picasso. Produced murals for: “Sindone ’89” in Rome. “The Angel of Turin”, a 4m x 10m work for the Sacred Museum of Cracovia. “The heart of Jesus” measuring 90cm x 90cm, and on permanent display in the Vatican. Pinacoteca. “Stabat Mater “, a 1m square piece, within the Sanctuary of Pompeii, and several restorations carried out on various Frescoes in churches and castles around Turin and Piemonte. He has a network of galleries who distribute his paintings, who can be found in Rome, Bergamo, Milan, Taormina, Pesaro, Padova, Venice, Paris, Edinburgh, Düsseldorf, Sydney and New York and is regularly shown at art fairs in London, Edinburgh, New York, Cannes and Dublin, among others throughout continental Europe.

Third prize awarded for Pauline Thomas
Ignition Third prize awarded for Pauline Thomas




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